We support the skills and interests of ex-offenders who work to launch innovative products and services that would otherwise face considerable barriers. 




A for-profit incubator that exists to promote the innovative potential of ex-offenders as they pursue goals of employment, entrepreneurship, and independence. The  portfolio includes companies in modular construction, cyber-security, medical technology, retail and licensed IP.


Under the name "WorkPittsburgh" - Zero Six Eight serves as an innovative workforce/employee contractor providing comprehensive on-the-job-training to highly vetted applicants for partnering companies. Our hires earn above average wages, profit share, benefits and often ownership.


Zero Six Eight serves as an essential support system for the community of ex-offenders through education, crime prevention and social advocacy.


“This experiment could be one of the most significant efforts in workforce and community development that we have ever been apart of.” 
~John Aliquo (PA CareerLink Allegheny East)